Our Approach

Aveniras takes an active approach to investing by always adopting a forward looking perspective and working closely with our portfolio companies to help drive differentiation, value creation and growth. By leveraging our extensive experience in media, finance, technology and other key industry sectors Aveniras seeks to always identify opportunities to disrupt and innovate markets in order to deliver long term, sustainable financial returns with multiple opportunities for either expansion or exit.

Our Investments

Aveniras investments include companies from a wide range of distinct industries. Our diverse portfolio helps us to mitigate risk and exposure to fluctuations in the global economy. Aveniras seeks to invest in companies capable of growth with a clear vision, differentiated product, capable management team and a desire to innovate. While our investment decisions are driven by a number of fundamental assessments, Aveniras believes there is no substitute for passion and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Experience

Aveniras executives bring an average of 20 years of experience to each of our chosen investment portfolio companies. Our unique combination of advisory services expertise backed by access to capital allows us to invest in a practical, hands-on and informed way. Our experienced management team can offer fresh perspective, strategic guidance and forward thinking business decisions to ultimately drive us towards client’s success.

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest

Benjamin Franklin

Key Investment Sectors


With a particular interest in sensor technology, Aveniras has made a number of technology investments into automotive, tracking and analytics products and service companies.


Focusing on apps and platform based solutions, Aveniras has a long standing record of both investing in and developing bespoke software solutions across a wide variety of industries.

Food & Beverage

From private brand development to premium catering and food processing solutions, Aveniras has invested in a number of up-and-coming brands and also has wide experience in franchising.

Travel & Hospitality

With active investments in the travel, hotel and restaurant sectors, Aveniras is always seeking new opportunities to identify companies and brands that are innovating and leading the way on B2C focused solutions.

Real Estate

Aveniras real estate investments span both residential and commercial interests, from distressed assets to longer term holdings, underpinning our belief in the long term value proposition of ownership in key strategic locations.


From renewable energy to recycling and other innovative social entrepreneurship initiatives, Aveniras constantly strives to identify commercial investment opportunities that not only deliver a financial return but also a tangible wider value to impacted communities and society in general.

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